Thursday, June 26, 2014

Too hot to be spring, too cool to be summer

Sorry for not posting again sooner, but I've had multiple people ask me to take down photos of them from my blog, which is fine, but this means I can't really post anything about the second half of my Tokyo trip. I was primarily meeting family members, but to respect their privacy, I won't post much more than that.

However, I can say some interesting things have happened to me after the week of Golden Week. While none of it is particularly as exciting as going to Tokyo, I think it is still worth mentioning.

A local event I attended was featured in the school newspaper:

Every Friday during the school year, a few local women and students gather to enjoy conversation (in Japanese) and eat snacks. They also sponsor various small events, and this past month I just happened to get featured while there. Apparently, people REALLY love USA-style cookies. I do not know why, but they think they are the most amazing things ever... which is strange since you can make your own fairly cheap or buy them at the grocery store.

Sadly I have no pictures from that day, but I do have the following week's photos when we made chocolate covered pretzels. They also thought that was pretty amazing:

I hope that article inspires new people to attend, as I surprised not many students seem to show an interest in talking with foreign students or to the local inhabitants of Itoshima. It seems like a real shame since the people there are so kind, and fun to be around. I do not think I have ever regretted attending this event, and I try to encourage other Kyushu University Students to go!

The second interesting thing that happened is that I was invited to my Professor's home with the other students in my class for a party. He had also invited some other students from another class he holds, so I was excited to meet some new people.

I think it is a rare opportunity to be able to talk to your Professors outside of the academic life, but when you are able to, usually teachers have pretty incredible lives.

Finally, before the weather started into rainy season, I went with to a few parks to look at the flowers. Especially hydrangea and dahlias are nice this time of year, but unfortunately I was a little too early to see the hydrangeas at their best.

 However, the rose garden was very much at it's peak! I took a lot of pictures of these areas, and I probably smelled 3/4 of the roses there. However, the walk was really loooong to cover the whole park, so I was quite tired by the end of the day.

I hope to be able to make another post soon! However, I do not have a lot of photo-worthy moments this time around. Everyone take care this summer~

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