Monday, April 8, 2013

My Apartment

I don't know why, but several of my friends wanted to see my apartment. I know it's exciting to move into a new place, but really.... it's just  a place filled with my junk. I have to apologize for the lack of style or grandeur, but Japan is not known for their spacious apartment buildings.

I can't complain though, my new room is very nice, and the apartment building is new and clean. The actual company is also next door, so if I have any problems, I can just walk over to ask for help (this came in handy when my screen door popped out of place).

So here is the walk through of my apartment:

Doorway/Shoe closet

 Main Hallway with kitchen (on the left)

 My fancy Japanese toilet
 My laundry room and sink... full of junk

 The shower room/ bathtub. It's really too big for the apartment, but for some reason having a full size bathtub is important for the Japanese.
 More junk!
 Where I hide all my food.
 The kitchen, complete with drying dishes.
 Again, why is the bathroom so big?
 The main room/bedroom
 My tea set, which was hard to find!
 More kitchen... I love having that oven.
 My bed, and of course, a cat calendar.
 My desk, where I spend 90% of my time... please ignore the bag of donuts. I swear those aren't there all the time.
That's all there is to it. I wish there was more to show you, but I honestly don't think anything else would be that interesting. The area is mostly other apartment buildings and a gas station, so not much flora or fauna nearby.  I hope to get some more furniture for the room, so maybe it will change soon.

I hope to post more soon! School starts up again next week (new students arriving too) so maybe my life will become slightly more exciting.


  1. I love your apartment!! So cute! :)

  2. nice apartment . where is your flat's location and rent?